This set was fun to do...Mike from London wanted me in tights..then to have them ripped open, then he wanted to see my man lick my pussy, I also got to play with my mans cock using my feet...

I love to play with couples and to watch them while they fuck. I invited my mate round and watched while she had some fun with her man on my bed. I got so excited that I sat in the corner and fingered myself, I came at the same time they did.....

I needed to have some fun and it was the new moon so I decided that I wanted to do a sex ritual and ask for something special so I got my man and got to work. I gave his cock a good sucking first then I got him to use the crop on me before he used a vibrator on me. By the time he finished with the crop I was nice and wet.

This is the second part from a new moon ritual I this part I get a vibrator in my arse, then get to bring myself off with one of my favorite toys before being fucked.

Harry sent me an e-mail and said that he was going to send me a parcel and that if I did him a photo set with the things he sent I could keep them. He told me what he wanted me to wear and the pics he is the result....and thanks for the toys Harry I will use them over and over again.


High Quality video clip...part 2 of 2.

I love to play with other ladies and adore using my strap-on...Here is one of my strap-ons that is just waiting for you ladies to slip onto. My massage table awaits you!!

I get many e-mails from guys who adore tights and stockings so we put together a few sets dedicated just to that...he is a set featuring tights.

This was a set done for a guy who didnt leave his name...he was into tights and stockings so the next few sets feature stockings and or tights.

I do sets for people where I can and a set of me in my round pvc skirt and stockings was asked for by "Richard" from Scotland.... He got the whole set on Disc with a signed 10 x 8 photo from the set.

I love to wear rubber and when I got my new rubber dress I posed for a few pics.

Soft leather against the skin makes my nipples stand on end...This is a set of my new leather outfit.



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